[clc-devel] clcbuild results

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Thu Sep 2 08:55:13 UTC 2004

On 09/02/04 10:11 Johannes Winkelmann wrote:
> Hi Simone,

Hi Johannes,

> On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 22:57:53 +0200, Simone Rota wrote:
>>I had a couple of uber-outdated machines, so I re-run
>>the infamous clcbuild script to get some binary package.

> Welcome back and thanks for running the tests again. Did you use pkg-get
> to install those packages?

Actually I'm so lazy I didn't updated the machines yet :)
But yes, I'm going to use pkg-get since I have 2 pkg-get-only
machines, and previous runs have been very useful for detecting
the most outstanding bugs.

> I was wondering whether we could create a
> very small install ISO containing just the base packages plus stuff you
> need to get your network up, and a way to directly fetch binary packages
> using pkg-get. I'd assume that this would be interesting for both those
> that want a minimal setup and those that want to setup a KDE/GNOME
> desktop without compiling everything or download CRUX Evolution which
> contains one DE too much for most people ;-). Just an idea though,
> didn't put a lot of thought into it. 

I agree (after all one of the reasons I'm trying to write some code
with clcbuild & pkg-get is binary availability).

Besides I think everybody installing CRUX on a new machine
these days can realize that  many binaries from the official cd are
out of date, and having to wait such a long time to have an up-to-date
machine is sometime a bit painful (for the ones always in a hurry).

I personally like the way CRUX releases are managed by Per:no need
to release once a month, just put out a new version where there is 
relevant new stuff or abi changes.
An addon to quickly keep up with updates would be useful in
many circumstances.

> To think a bit ahead, it would be cool to select some packages on one
> machine and have a script download those binary package and build a
> customized install ISO from it, using the binary packages. Imagine: "Oh,
> I want base, X11, firefox, KDE and OpenOffice. Go!", and the next thing
> you remember is the CD tray opening and a shiny custom installation CD
> smiling at you. 
> Oh well, I don't really think there's a real need for this, I was just
> carried away by the possibilites ;-)

Maybe we're flying to high here, but since we're on topic I think
it's an interesting idea; I suppose the main problem would be
dependency handling at setup time, but I'd maintain the current
setup and add contrib packages in a second time with the provided


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