[clc-devel] unmaintained; next try

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Fri Sep 10 12:10:33 UTC 2004

On 09/10/04 13:04 Johannes Winkelmann wrote:
> Hi there,


> There is a certain need for ports which are "not quite ready" for
> contrib but are maintained by us. I'd therefore propose to drop
> unmaintained and start a new collection called 'testing'; ports which
> require further testing (both when the port or the ported software isn't
> stable) go there, but it should be our goal to move it to contrib or
> remove it altogether. 'testing' shouldn't be consider a permanent place
> for ports. Either they're fine for CLC, or they're not.

Fine for me; it would be nice to have a collection slightly
more....maintained than unmaintained.
As you suggested I think that the 'testing' collection should
be considered a temp thing, maybe without strict rules but with
an approx. implicitly accepted expiration time (1 month?).

> Note that this would mean that we wouldn't have GNOME in our tree
> anymore, since rrm3 isn't around. IMO this would be the right
> consequence when a maintainer leaves, and we shouldn't try to keep the
> ports around but to find a new maintainer for them.
> Riders of Rohan, eerm, maintainers from CLC, Please discuss, comment or
> at least state whether you are in favor or against this step.

I support the proposal.
So far I think we've got a quite solid port repository for CRUX (base +
opt + contrib); solving the problems of ports nobody maintains and ports
not ready for prime time would certainly improve the quality of
the CLC offer (that sounds like marketing blurbs).

 From the other side I see a little more work for maintainers
(it is possible that most used unmaintained ports will end
up in contrib), but it's OK for me.


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