[clc-devel] RFC: wrapper for ccache and distcc

Jukka Heino vector at pp.nic.fi
Thu Sep 16 06:21:38 UTC 2004

> I'd like to ask for a few more comments on this question, since the
> symlink variant has still a higher success rate compared to the wrapper
> solution.
> /usr/share/gcc-wrappers/{distcc,ccache}/{gcc,g++}
> /usr/lib/gcc-wrappers/{distcc,ccache}
> ?

I've been using a symlink in ~/bin, but I agree, a system-wide solution 
would be better. I propose /usr/lib/{distcc,ccache}/bin since this would 
have the same structure as already existing ports (j2re, ant, db3...) 
Additionally it seems a bit more FHS-like than gcc-wrappers.

// Jukka

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