[clc-devel] Software licenses

Tilo Riemer riemer at ppprs1.phy.tu-dresden.de
Tue Sep 21 13:01:10 UTC 2004


Zitat von Jukka Heino <vector at pp.nic.fi>:
> license for the purpose he's using it for. I, for one, would find 
> something like a "License" field in Pkgfiles useful so that with a
> quick 
> glance one could see under which terms the software is released
> (GPL, 
> BSD...). What do others think?

Please, no useless limitation to "free" software. Not in contrib
(maybe/surely in base, opt).
I want to use the system, not pray in the church of "free" world.

I think, a "License" field in Pkgfile is a good idea. So everybody can
see if he has to respect some license restriction. And I don't expect
that someone will put hacked commercial software on a server and so on...

Best regards, Tilo

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