[clc-devel] Re: important changes in contrib/ccache and contrib/distcc

ncrfgs ncrfgs at tin.it
Tue Sep 21 22:59:56 UTC 2004

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 12:04:47AM +0200, Johannes Winkelmann wrote:
> > > This means that you no longer have to export CC and CXX, but prepend the
> > > respective path to your $PATH variable: for ccache, prepend
> > > /usr/lib/ccache to your path; for distcc, /usr/lib/distcc.
> > > 
> > > Please let me know if there are any problems.
> > 
> > What if one uses both at the same time?
> There's a section on the in the man page of distcc; basically, what you
> do is just prepending both paths to the PATH variable, like:
>   PATH=/usr/lib/ccache:/usr/lib/distcc:$PATH

Yes sorry. I didn't explain myself well. I meant what if one uses both at the 
same time, how can you make it to work with the "export PATH" way?

I didn't think PATH=/usr/lib/ccache:/usr/lib/distcc:$PATH would have worked, 
but then I read the distcc man page masquerade section and now I understand.

It can work because distcc intercepts the calls to the compiler and then 
removes itself from the PATH to find the real compiler. I think ccache behaves 
the same.

Thanks for the pointer.

Best regards.
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