[clc-devel] 2.1 approaching

Johannes Winkelmann jw at tks6.net
Sun Feb 6 17:18:52 UTC 2005


On Fri, Feb 04, 2005 at 05:03:00 -0800, Jay Dolan wrote:
> http://clc.morpheus.net:6999/clc/wiki?p=CruxConResults
> Also, as prt-get and httpup will be provided on the
> ISO, I will try to patch up httpup to fix the
> url.encode/decode issue before 2.1, as I consider that
> kindof important.
I uploaded a test version of httpup 0.4.0 (available in my repo); this
one encodes files names obtained from the REPO file when used with the
'--encode' switch (or '-e'). In addition, it also supports
--repofile=FILENAME (-r FILENAME) to specify an alternative name for the
REPO file. I'm not yet sure whether 'encode' should be the default, will
have to think about that.

  httpup --help
  httpup sync --help
to get started.

WARNING: 0.4.0-test1 also includes the updated repgen script, which
doesn't support the unfriendly HS_IGNORE variable any more. Read the
following for more info:

Feedback appreciated.
Kind regards, Johannes

P.S. I exchanged the argument parsing, and dropped the 'mirror' command
for now; also the 'copy' command always requires two arguments
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