[clc-devel] 2.1 approaching

Jay Dolan jasonthomasdolan at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 6 17:55:57 UTC 2005

--- Simone Rota <sip at varlock.com> wrote:
> Just an idea: what about looking at the REPO file
> instead?
> Either at the REPO timestamp or at a var inside that
> file
> (maybe auto-generated by httpup?). That would
> 'gently invite'
> the contributors to update the repo (say once a
> month),
> even if by simply adjusting the 'lastgenerated' var,
> just to tell us the repo is still maintained as a
> whole.
> Oh, and since we're on topic, a sort of blocking
> mechanism
> by CLC maintainers could be useful to disable a
> port/repo
> that does stupid or nasty things as quick as
> possible.

Not sure how to tackle the block/filter thing off the
top of my head, but I like your idea about examining
the REPO file to see if a repository is being
maintained.  Of course, a lazy maintainer could always
setup a cron job to httpup-repgen, but ..I'll see how
easily I can work it in and we'll go from there :)

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