[clc-devel] Application for CLC Maintainer

Johannes Winkelmann jw at tks6.net
Thu Feb 24 09:49:37 UTC 2005

Hi Till,

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 01:54:27 +0100, Till Biedermann wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> when Johannes ask me to maintain a wiki page about my freevo ports I 
> started (once again) thinking about an application to become a CLC 
> maintainer.
> So my decision is made: I'd like to join the CLC-team.
> I am using CRUX for more than one year now, so I feel ready to become a 
> bit deeper involved.
> If you agree with my application I will start with setting up the above 
> mentioned wiki page. Furthermore I picked up some ports I use from 
> unmaintained and updated them. You can find them here:
> http://www.tbmnet.de/crux/pickup/
Since it seems more interesting to look at new ports, I'll also post the
link to your regular repository:

I looked over a few ports, and they look good. There's one thing you
should change there if you commit them to CLC, which is removing the
mirrors from sourceforge download (just use dl.sourceforge.net instead
of belnet.dl.sourceforge.net).

Just one question tough: do you use IRC? While I know you've been around
for a while, I couldn't remember any discussion we had (which is not bad
per se), which usually gives me a better impression of a person and
whether we're compatible.

Kind regards, Johannes
Johannes Winkelmann              mailto:jw at tks6.net
Bern, Switzerland                http://jw.tks6.net

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