[clc-devel] new contrib collection

Johannes Winkelmann jw at tks6.net
Fri Jan 28 21:22:51 UTC 2005


As you probably know, those who attended CRUXCon '04 agreed to create an
new 'contrib' collection out of the httpup repositories.

Jay Dolan and I have prepared scripts to create a merged httpup
repository from many other ones, and it would be great if we could start
testing this soon. The scripts are available at 

Jay's is a lot cleaner; the reason why I'm posting mine as well is
because it marks unmaintained ports (no upstream port available anymore)
instantly as such, while Jay's marks ports which have not been changed
in 20 days as such. A combination of the two might be a good idea.

Anyway, basically I just wanted to call attention to this, ask for
participation to get this thing started and would appreciate feedback,
ideas and the like :-).

Kind regards, Johannes 
Johannes Winkelmann              mailto:jw at tks6.net
Bern, Switzerland                http://jw.tks6.net

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