[clc-devel] Duplicate libgd port

Jukka Heino jukka at karsikkopuu.net
Mon Jun 6 05:21:13 UTC 2005

On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 10:54:15PM +0200, Torsten Henschel wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Torsten,

> the libgd port is in contrib with version 2.0.33 and in unmaintained
> with version 2.0.28.

This is normal. Some maintainers have adopted ports from unmaintained 
since moving to CRUX 2.1 and left them also in the unmaintained 
collection to stop them from disappearing for those who are still 
running CRUX 2.0.

And since unmaintained is made obsolete in CRUX 2.1, this is really not 
an issue. You only get duplicates if you choose to enable the 
unmaintained collection.

// Jukka

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