[clc-devel] Re: CRUX Hosting (Mitex)

Per Liden per at fukt.bth.se
Tue Jun 14 10:15:37 UTC 2005


Ok, here's a status update. Below you will find Charlies answer to my 
first mail. What has happened after that is that I've been to Kalmar to 
talk to Charlie and check out thier place. Charlie is a very helpful guy 
and he will set up a server for us. I've donated a CPU and I've also 
promised to pay for some additional hardware that Charlie will arrage 
(rack casing, harddisks, etc).

Once the machine is up and running (I don't know when that will be, maybe 
you Charlie can give some estimate?) we can start transferring our stuff, 
and once we're happy with the new setup I'll redirect crux.nu to our new 

I guess we'll also have to outline a few "rules", like who should have 
root access, who should get accounts and access to this and that.


> Hi
> Sorry it have take take a while but I have bean working with some project with
> strange or not so obvious deadline. This is still some work to do but it seams
> to now come to an end.
> Since we talk about this a lot of things have happened. There is new company
> and new owners. Then new Company name is Kalmar NDC AB. This is the result of
> all the work we have made since sep 2004. We had an agreement to go together
> with an other company but that was not the real intention from the other
> company owners. So we was fooled for about 50 000€, so Mitex was bankrupted.
> The new owners run an other company, Kalmar Game Center with LaserGame as
> primary activity. During springtime 2004 they started an New InternetCafé.
> First Mitex was the ISP for them, but when we told them about the problem, and
> ask them if they was interested to join this branch, they didn't hesitate.
> Why!. My first concern was, will Crux be continued devleoped, because I didn't
> se any info in that until late of march 2005. We use only Crux on all our
> servers and like to do that, so far every thing have work really good since we
> introduced Crux in early 2001. So my offer to host crux and CLC are still
> open.
> As I recall the best way is to set up an dedicated "CRUX" based Linux server.
> We can host it and provide Internet access. I can't right now get the new
> owner to invest i an server so that must be solved in an other way. What I can
> do is to provide one for self cost. We build all our servers. Basically on
> Tyan or Asus motherboards. Several of our new servers using dual XEON CPU's
> with SATA Soft RAID.
> Prise level between 350€ , for a singel Intel CPU based server, to 900€ for a
> dual Intel Xeon based server, with  3 * 250 soft-RAID disk.
> All our servers are physical installed in a brand new Data Center. Which we
> did build when we mowed to the new location next to Kalmar Game Center. All
> the new servers a 19" based.
> We are connected to Internet via Fiber and have an 100 Mbs connection which is
> shaped to 30 Mbs right now.  The average use now is around 12-15 Mbs. We can
> get 1 Gbs. Our connection is hooked to SongNetworks WAN Backbone in Kalmar via
> 2.5 Gbs connection to Malmoe. Our ping time to Malmoe GIX are around 5-7 ms.
> Primary routing is based on Crux Linux through HP ProCurve switches.  Our
> Shaping is also based on an separate Crux based PC.
> Kalmar NDC provide Internet connection via Radio-LAN, Webb hosting, eMail (1
> miljon per week, most SPAM but filtered) Co-location hosting. We also Host or
> rent out Game Servers as part of Kalmar Game Center service.
> We can Shape Crux server to 5/15 Mbs Which means there is always 5 Mbs
> available but can be up to 15 Mbs if there is free bandwidth. We are in
> progress to get 150 Mbs.. Then we will get GigaBitt fiber connection.
> As it is now the Incoming traffic are grater the outgoing so this should be
> good for a lot of download from Curx page/FTP etc.
> I'm not an Linux expert. Crux is my first Linux dist. Not the best way to
> learn.. But we had 2 good Linux technician. John Westerlund (RedSpike)
> Introduced Crux, then we have Jhonny Paulsen (Pulle) which was our technician
> until 2004.  RedSpike did contribute with a lot of ports for 0.9x versions....
> So I have learn the hard way, from just maintain all the Linux servers to now
> install by my self. We have now a good young guy who help us part time so all
> the tricky things he solve for us, only 16 years old..
> Regards
> Charlie G Mentorez
> At 5/23/2005 23:03, you wrote:
> > Hey Charlie and CLC guys,
> > 
> > I'm writing in english and CC'ing the CLC mailinglist so that the CLC-team
> > can also participate in this discussion.
> > 
> > First just a short summary to bring the CLC guys up to date.
> > (Charlie, feel free to correct any inaccurates in my summary).
> > 
> > Some time ago Charlie asked me if there was something he could do to help
> > the CRUX project. Charlie works at Mitex (an ISP in Kalmar/Sweden that use
> > CRUX on ~30 of their servers) and since the CRUX/CLC project have been
> > looking for alternative hosting for some time I took the opportunity to
> > ask if some kind of dedicated server was possible to arrange. Charlie was
> > quite positive to this and thought it would be possible to make something
> > like this happen. At the time we spoke I was in the middle of releasing
> > CRUX 2.1 (i.e. had lot's to do) so I said I would come back to this once
> > the dust had settled.
> > 
> > So, here we are. CRUX 2.1 has been released and now would be a good time
> > to return to the hosting issue.
> > 
> > I'd like to start of this discussion by asking you Charlie, first of all,
> > does the offer still stand? If so, could you please make short summary of
> > what kind of hosting you (Mitex?) could provide for the CRUX/CLC project?
> > I'm thinking that things like server/disk capacity, limitations on
> > bandwidth, possible firewalls, root access, general ruls, etc are things
> > of interest to us and a good starting point.
> > 
> > kind regards,
> > /Per

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