[clc-devel] Re: CRUX Hosting (Mitex)

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Wed Jun 15 10:27:47 UTC 2005

On 06/14/05 12:15 Per Liden wrote:
> Ok, here's a status update. Below you will find Charlies answer to my 
> first mail. What has happened after that is that I've been to Kalmar to 
> talk to Charlie and check out thier place. Charlie is a very helpful guy 
> and he will set up a server for us. I've donated a CPU and I've also 
> promised to pay for some additional hardware that Charlie will arrage 
> (rack casing, harddisks, etc).

Sounds geat!
Please let us know if/how we can contribute to the hardware expenses.

> Once the machine is up and running (I don't know when that will be, maybe 
> you Charlie can give some estimate?) we can start transferring our stuff, 
> and once we're happy with the new setup I'll redirect crux.nu to our new 
> machine.
> I guess we'll also have to outline a few "rules", like who should have 
> root access, who should get accounts and access to this and that.

As I wrote some time ago[1], I worked on a wiki-based website proposal
and managed to get good visual integration with cvstrac and convert most
of the current docs.

Apart from the used color set (which it appears to be too brownish
for Per ;)), I renew my offer to take care of the initial setup
and mainteinance of the website.
No offense taken if we prefer to start it from scratch and/or design
somebody else for the task.

A bit more technically, the wiki engine is wikka[2] with a modified
auth/login to disable unregistered users editing; it requires
mysql and php.
I believe it's a good idea to set up the wiki (if we're going to
use that) as soon as the machine is up, so we can add stuff
as ideas shapes up:

- Styles / colors
- Content
- Subprojects layout
- CVS(trac) integration
- Till's new portdb
- etc.

I only wrote about the website since it's what I'd like to take
care of, of course some coordination is needed with people
maintaining the cvs repo, scripts and other nice things.



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