[clc-devel] Request for comments: subversion repository

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Mon Mar 7 22:15:53 UTC 2005

On 03/07/05 19:47 Johannes Winkelmann wrote:
>>What about base and opt ports? Will they be included in the SVN repo?
>>I'm still a bit confused about the new port tree layout for CRUX+CLC
> Right, this is a good remark; in order to be helpful for the SPARC port,
> base and opt(+contrib) should be there; it would be best if we could
> sync the clc tree automatically, I'm not sure yet if this can be done
> easily.

Expecially considering that the current uCRUX has only
around 10 contrib ports :)

> Now, if the x86 port is updates, sparc and x86_64 can merge nicely,
> since xsvn set the revision number where it merged from. It's a bit
> different when the x86_64 maintainer is faster, and the x86 person would
> like to merge those changes; since we didn't store the branch point from
> x86 to x86_64, we could only try to be smart (I'm thinking about that
> right now...).
> Not sure if I'm clear here, but implementing a merge tracking which
> works bidirectional by means of svn properties is certainly not an easy
> task... and the explicit selection doesn't look all bad to me, since I'd
> expect that if we would do a simple "merge all that was changed since
> the last merge", we'd get some unecessary changes. Opinions, questions?

My view: I think it's a bit dangerous (and complicated as you note)
to let the different archs diverge too much or pump the
updates to the x86 tree.
Maybe it's the case of considering the x86 as the 'main' repository
and keep the other architectures as in sync as possible
with that, since:
- x86 at the moment has more contributors
- more users as well ==> a bit more tested

Eventually the $ARCH maintainer can submit a port
update for x86 to the respective maintainer if there are
significant changes that are not yet in the x86 tree.

Just some random thought, since we don't really have any
idea at the moment about how a multi-platform CRUX
community would evolve when there is an infrastructure
to support it.

So for now I'd opt for the easy, unidirectional way
as presented above.


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