[clc-devel] Accounts on crux.nu for former CLC members

Nick Steeves nick.steeves at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 15 21:29:59 UTC 2005


I would much appreciate if my cvs access (account name: sten) would be
migrated to the new subversion crux.nu server.  At what point do we
say to CRUX users "cvsup is stale now!"  For example:  KDE 3.5 comes out
next week.  Should I update the old cvs/contrib, update the new
subversion/opt (once my account is created), update both; or wait for
the CRUX/CLC merge to complete, and keep users happy with KDE 3.5 via
httpup in the meantime?

Regarding CRUX base:

I'm not sure who to send this to at this point, but I found patch for
glibc, which lets it pass tst-cancel17.  I've been running this
minorly-patched glibc for about a week and half now, and it's rock
solid.  Anyone interested can sync from here:

One little "tech itch" of mine, is that I prefer to run a system
which can rebuild itself from source, without disabling any "make
test".  One of the applications of such an ability could be a
FreeBSD-like "make upgradeworld" for base.  From what I
remember of Per's makefile, the bootstrap function is pretty much
"make buildworld".  "upgradeworld" would check for runlevel 1, and
if the system is in single-user mode, then go ahead and update base.
It doesn't seem like it would add much complexity to the makefile, but
is such an idea superfluous?

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