[clc-devel] Accounts on crux.nu for former CLC members

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at code-monkey.de
Wed Nov 16 18:55:05 UTC 2005

Johannes Winkelmann <jw at tks6.net> [2005-11-15 20:45]:
> It's time to move to crux.nu for ports maintainance, and I'd like to ask
> all former CLC maintainers to send a quick mail mentioning whether they
> want to join the now unified CRUX project, and if they'd be interested
> in maintaining some of Per's ports from base or opt.

Yes, I'd like to participate as well :)

In general, I'm also interested in helping out with base/opt. I'll be
able to name some port once I've figured out which one's are taken ;)

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