[clc-devel] If package fails to build in(under?)pretendroot,is that considered a bug?

Jukka Heino jukka at karsikkopuu.net
Thu Nov 17 17:03:24 UTC 2005

Predrag Ivanovic kirjoitti:

>As subject line says.what do you guys think about that?   
>I rarely have problems building packages using Han's modified pkgutils,
>and using pretendroot as safety net prevented few disasters with my own broken
>ports(I know,I know 'you learn from mistakes' <g>). 
>Anyway,two packages I had problems with recently(both from base),
>groff and procps. First,groff.

If a package fails to build under a fake root environment because it 
tries to write outside the $PKG directory, it's most definitely a bug in 
the port. I've committed fixes to these two ports in the new Subversion 
repository, which will hopefully be put into use soon. I don't think Per 
is going to update the old CVS tree anymore.

// Jukka

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