[clc-devel] Making the switch to svn

Johannes Winkelmann jw at tks6.net
Sat Nov 26 13:52:46 UTC 2005

Hi there,

[ As you might have noticed I haven't been around (IRC, ML) last week;
  this is due to the annual military service I have to attend. It'll
  continue for another two weeks. However this shouldn't affect any of
  our plans, Matt, Jay and Per all have the very same permissions on
  crux.nu as I have; just contact them in case of questions :-) ]

To avoid too much duplicate work and further user confusion, I'd suggest
to switch the ports system to use the SVN repo from crux.nu soon, and
enable the "new contrib" as 'contrib'. Here's a list of things

* Switch to svn:
 - Write a short wiki page to tell the users what this is all about
 - Make sure we have all dependencies
   - pick up ports from danm
   - contact vkd and Rilo Riemer; ask them to join the svn repo
 - prepare an update 'ports' port containing core.svup and opt.svup;
   those can be adapted from http://crux.nu/files/{core,opt}.svn
 - Make it depend on svup, merge svup from
   into opt
 - update 'ports' port in CVSUp; add svup to CVSUp to make it really
   simple for users to update: 
   - run ports -u
   - install svup
   - mv /etc/ports/crux.cvsup /etc/ports/crux_cvsup.old
   - edit prt-get.conf, replace base with core
   - ports -u
 - svn post commit mail for "[security] ..." commits
 - bug notifications (send to clc-devel for now)
* contrib:
 - provide a proper rsync driver for ports(8); I think Jay prepared one
 - reenable the "duplicate view" and statistics in the ports-db on

Also, we'll need some announcements to the list right before we update
'ports' in CVSUp, and after all is done; especially the "new contrib"
could need some more attention :-).

After that, we can start with further changes to the website, like
checking for missing dependencies on a regular base, implementing a new
ports DB (Till ;-)) and adding additional security measures to open "new
contrib" to complete strangers (to be discussed).

Please append any tasks I forgot to the lists above. Other than that,
most of the things remaining are really small things, therefore I'd
suggest we plan to make the switch next weekend (december 3rd/4th);
however, I as previously mentioned I won't be able to spend too much
time on those, so if you can please pick one or more tasks from the list
and go for it; please send a quick note to the list to avoid duplicate
Thank you for your help,
Best regards, Johannes
Johannes Winkelmann              mailto:jw at tks6.net
Bern, Switzerland                http://jw.tks6.net

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