[clc-devel] Port names (case)

Johannes Winkelmann jw at tks6.net
Fri Sep 2 08:00:39 UTC 2005


On Fri, Sep 02, 2005 at 16:19:34 +1000, James Mills wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 02, 2005 at 07:59:40AM +0200, Juergen Daubert wrote:
> > Yes, using uppercase characters in package names violates the packages
> > guidlines, see
> > http://www.fukt.bth.se/~per/crux/doc/handbook.html#Package-Guidelines-General
> *nods* I knoew. So I think if I decide to use this port and make it
> available, I'd have to name it something else ? ie: mse (cut out teh e)
I haven't found an existing port called 'muse' in
base/opt/contrib/contrib-test, so it's hard to comment. When having
multiple packages with the same name, I'd suggest to contact the other
maintainer(s) to see what to do, since it might make more sense to
rename on or the other, or even all(/both). 

Using my crystal ball, I figured that you probably want to port MuSE
(Multiple Streaming Engine), which is registered at freshmeat as "MuSE
Streamer". The obvious ports name is would therefore be 'muse-streamer'.

> However I can't get it to compile atm... See the attached log.
google should help you there:
  inchannels.cpp:543: error: `errno' undeclared

As a final note, this is clc-devel, covering "Discussion about the
development of CLC itself". Since your question is not related to CLC,
and your port probably won't end up in CLC's contrib, such questions
should really be discussed in the crux mailing list, both because
clc-devel is not the authoritive source to discuss/answer generic
questions regarding CRUX/ports, but also to make sure the other
packagers can join the discussion, and learn from the results.

Regards, Johannes
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