[crux-devel] [PROPOSAL] Better organization of the devel team

Johannes Winkelmann jw at smts.ch
Sun Aug 6 11:04:34 UTC 2006

Hi there,

At the last crux IRC meeting we discussed the distribution of
resposibilities, and I'd like to pick up that idea a even go a bit
futher and suggest a reorganization of our team, to better assign and
distribute responsibilities.

Ever since we've taken over the whole project from Per, there are a
number of jobs which aren't clearly assigned, and no one really feels
responsible for. Because of that, some jobs are neglected, or not done
right, since no one feels responsible to do them. One typical problem
was the server outage of crux.nu recently.

Another problem I personally face it the lack of focus, since I'm
involved in several jobs (many of which I'm just doing because no one
else does...); introducing these teams would hopefully allow everyone to
focus on their primary duties, and therefore allow us to make our jobs
better, and most important, make it more fun: often when posting ideas
to crux-devel, the feedback was rather limited (e.g.  Simone's setup,
Matt's ISO changes); this is probably because the majority of the
readers doesn't really care, which is perfectly fine, but frustrating
for those putting the work into something. With the team hierarchy, such
posts could be discussed in the 'core' group only, meaning that there's
real feedback, and giving back the motivation to those doing the work.

Introduce team for 'ports', 'infrastructure' (website, mailing lists,
crux.nu, all the cronjobs) and 'core development' (utilitites, setup,
releases), with a leader each (this means that if there's a problem,
there's a defined person to talk to) and clearly assigned tasks and

These teams could also recruit independently, so we can fetch someone
into the infrastructure team even if he can't create ports, as long as
he's fit for the job.

If this proposal is accepted, I'd suggest to define the responsibilities
of the teams, and look for team leaders. 

Finding leaders could be one, as well as finding enough people for the
infrastructure team, although I'd hope that the more focused recruiting
should help there.

As always with such proposals, every crux developer can vote, so I'd
appreciate hearing from you :-).

Best regards, Johannes
Johannes Winkelmann              mailto:jw at smts.ch
Zurich, Switzerland              http://jw.smts.ch

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