[crux-devel] [PROPOSAL] Better organization of the devel team

Nick Steeves nick.steeves at shaw.ca
Sat Aug 12 10:18:39 UTC 2006


By the end of August I will no longer be able to actively maintain my 
ports--this Fall is going to be the hardest semester of university yet. ;-)  
I'm not sure what my formal responsibilities could be called.  KDE 
maintainer--certainly--plus desktop-related stuff, multimedia, and things 
that I think are really useful like shorewall, rsnapshot, ntp, etc.  112 
ports is a lot to just move to the attic over the weekend, so I'd like this 
email to be a sort of advance notice and a request to start adopting my 

I'll also stop serving my personal httpup repository, so if anyone feels like 
checking any of them into opt (cabextract or buffer come to mind...maybe 
digikam), please do so soon.  I will continue to provide a tarball of the 
repository on my web site, and Younès <ycrux at club-internet.fr> has expressed 
a willingness to adopt these ports, so none of this repository will be lost.

What I feel is the more pressing issue is that I don't really have the time to 
package and test KDE anymore, nor have I found someone to inherit the 
responsibility of doing so for both the latest, and future releases.  Ideally 
I think that it would be nice if someone would maintain the official parts of 
KDE in opt, and then publish anything KDE-related as a kde-extra.httpup 
repository.  I don't think that it really matters if all of my other ports 
become fragmented among multiple maintainers, but it makes sense for bulk of 
the KDE stuff to be handled by one or two people.  I will transfer all of my 
convenience scripts, sources for update information, KDE packager email list, 
pre-release tarball downloading procedures, etc. to whoever we find (assuming 
he or she might want any of these).

`hope you will know of someone who might be interested in adopting our KDE 
implementation (I haven't asked him yet, but possibly Younès?),
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