[crux-devel] public-wiki

Falk Hamann Falk.Hamann at dbaudio.com
Mon Aug 14 13:48:01 UTC 2006

Hi at all

My name is Falk Hamann. I'm relativly new in the world of crux. But I
have 8 years of linux experience. In our company CRUX is used for years
and installed on nearly all server.

My Employer and I came to the conclusion: it's time to give something
back to the projekt.
I'm able to spend some work und free time to help CRUX to be strong and

I read the CRUX-Mailinglist the last 3 weeks and search at the wikipages
for the right job.

I my opinion the public-wiki is an excellent starting point. I
installed and maintain 2 pmwikis in our intranet.

Johannes recommend me to write a short introduction to the devel-list.
I hope this is enough. But feel free, and ask me.

Regards Falk

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