[crux-devel] [PROPOSAL] Better organization of the devel team

Till Biedermann tillbiedermann at yahoo.de
Tue Aug 15 06:56:25 UTC 2006

Johannes Winkelmann wrote:
> Idea
> ----
> Introduce team for 'ports', 'infrastructure' (website, mailing lists,
> crux.nu, all the cronjobs) and 'core development' (utilitites, setup,
> releases), with a leader each (this means that if there's a problem,
> there's a defined person to talk to) and clearly assigned tasks and
> responsibilities.
> These teams could also recruit independently, so we can fetch someone
> into the infrastructure team even if he can't create ports, as long as
> he's fit for the job.

my vote: +1

The amount of my spare time will increase in the end of September
(finally, i hope). So i really look forward dedicating more time to CRUX
in general (i haven't even updated to 2.2 - shame on me).

> Procedure
> ---------
> If this proposal is accepted, I'd suggest to define the responsibilities
> of the teams, and look for team leaders. 

I'd like to volunteer for the 'infrastructure' team. Website, server
maintenance, portdb and so on.

Regards Till



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