[crux-devel] autoconf mandir patch

Mark Rosenstand mark at borkware.net
Mon Aug 21 11:29:02 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-08-20 at 14:15 +0200, Tilman Sauerbeck wrote:

> With autoconf 2.60, the default mandir changed from /usr/man to
> /usr/share/man.
> We decided to patch autoconf to revert this change, but I don't think
> this is a good idea anymore.
> This issue is non-critical, and I'd like to avoid having a different
> autotools environment than on any other distro.

FWIW, I completely agree. Changing the behaviour of packages that are
meant to produce distributable scripts is a no-go :)

> We'll have to add "--mandir=/usr/man" to more configure lines in the
> next few months anyway, while projects update autoconf to 2.60, so it
> doesn't really matter if we add it to the Pkgfiles where we call
> autoconf ourselves.

Perhaps it should be considered to just adopt the FHS and
use /usr/share/man. My personal concern about doing this (till now) has
been all the damned --mandir=/usr/share/man it would take, plus
patch/sed'ing some static Makefiles.

I do like the fact that /usr/man is shorter, and think the FHS argument
for moving it to datadir is pretty useless in a time where people use
software "packages" where binaries and man-pages are bundled together.
Nonetheless, it's what everybody else is doing, so it's going to require
less hacks in the long run - especially now when it's the autoconf

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