[crux-devel] nomination of Alan Mizrahi for new KDE maintainer

Nick Steeves nick.steeves at shaw.ca
Thu Aug 24 00:17:19 UTC 2006


Alan has a personal repository at:

Here is an excerpt from the "looking for a new KDE maintainer" thread on 

On Tuesday 22 August 2006 4:40, Alan Mizrahi wrote:
> > Ideally I'd like to find someone to maintain two httpup repositories:
> > kde.httpup (kdelibs, kdebase, kdeartwork, etc.), and kde-extra.httpup
> > (with all of the KDE stuff from my personal repository).  It seems
> > reasonable to presume that should this person maintain them well, then he
> > or she could possibly join CRUX as the KDE maintainer, due to the
> > experience gained while maintaining the httpup repositories.  Any
> > volunteers?
> I volunteer to maintain the kde repositories. I've had experience building
> KDE on Solaris and Linux since the 1.x days. I'll do my best to keep these
> ports updated.
> On the other hand, I'm not sure about all the KDE stuff you have there.
> I'll have to check one by one and see what is usefull to me, as I don't
> think I could maintain a port of a piece of software I don't use.

> > Last night I built KDE-3.5.4, but won't have the time to test it
> > thoroughly, so haven't committed it to SVN, but have instead put it in my
> > personal repository.  If I hear that it works great, without issues, for
> > a few people then I'll certainly check it in...but I'm transitioning out
> > of my CRUX responsibilities, so don't want to commit to supporting a new
> > release just yet.
> I've been using 3.5.4 for a week already and haven't found any problems.
> Anyway, I can commit it when its thoroughly tested if you give me the SVN
> access.

In Alan's personal repository I'm intrigued to see a port for em8300.  They're 
tricky cards to get working properly, iirc.  He has a few other ports that 
look interesting, but none which I've had the opportunity to try; they look 
like good ports.  Because Alan already has a httpup repository, my kde.httpup 
+ kde-extra.httpup idea is kind of superfluous.

If everyone is in accordance with Alan's nomination, then is it possible for 
him to soon get SVN access so that he can help out with adopting my ports 
from attic--when I sed the Maintainer and Packager lines and move the ports 
there later this month?  Oh yeah!  Is anyone interested in maintaining a 
category of ports which I privately call "multimedia".  Stuff like libxvid, 
libdvdread, etc.  Matt, you have libtheora, so perhaps you'd like the rest of 
the bunch too?

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