[crux-devel] CRUX Mantra

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at crux.nu
Tue Aug 29 19:51:08 UTC 2006

Johannes Winkelmann [2006-08-29 08:06]:
> Hey there,
> I wrote a short "mantra" text for crux and run it past Simone and Matt
> to comment; I now felt it's okay to put it onto the wiki, for everyone
> to comment and see :-):
>   http://crux.nu/Main/Mantra

/me likes.

Maybe this:
"However we're not a testbed for new technologies, so "latest stable" is
what we aim for."

could be reworded this way:
"However we're not a testbed for experimental technologies [...]"

to make the point more clear.


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