[crux-devel] meeting notes & next IRC Meeting

Mikhail Kolesnik mike at openbunker.org
Mon May 29 13:08:27 UTC 2006

Hello, Johannes.

On Mon, 29 May 2006 14:19:04 +0200
Johannes Winkelmann <jw at smts.ch> wrote:

> > I would also like to see the discussion on services privileges
> > separation, FHS compliance. I used Juergen's ports to make FHS like
> > ports of apache, mysql, vsftpd with opportunity to create separate
> > users for each... It works, so why not?
> Well, "it works" is a rather weak argument, since "it works" already
> now. Can you give us any convincing argument why you think CRUX would
> benefit from (full) FHS compliance?
It is not hard to follow FHS rules, but ports creation for many software
projects would be easier following this way, it also brings some more
systematization (and solves ambiguity sometimes too). I can't really
see drawbacks here.

Other people might have more important reasons to want this, while mine
are mostly theoretical.

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