[crux-devel] meeting notes & next IRC Meeting

Jay Dolan jdolan at jdolan.dyndns.org
Mon May 29 13:48:26 UTC 2006

Mark Rosenstand wrote:
>> - Extend setup to handle modular X; one idea which was discussed and
>>   considered viable was to do grouping, such that one could first select
>>   the core group, the xorg group, and the [name to be found; remaining
>>   packages from opt] group
> I'll suggest something like the FreeBSD install set selections, except
> for the top-level profiles ("Developer desktop" etc.), so instead of
> having all packages in one list, there'd be something like:
> [x] core -->
> [ ] opt -->
> [ ] xorg -->
> Space would select/deselect all the packages, Enter would go into a list
> similar to the one we have today, listing all the packages in the
> category.
>>   - The idea of dependency handling during 'setup' was brought up, but
>>     not discussed in detail yet [personal remark: easier with
>>     dependencies in packages]
> Sounds more like 3.0 material IMHO :)

The CRUX Evolution project had a setup like this.  They offered groups 
like X11, Gnome, KDE, Printer support, etc.  It was very slick.. altho 
I'm sure they were using hard-coded or ad-hoc lists to calculate and 
satisfy deps.

Jay Dolan

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