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Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at crux.nu
Wed May 31 19:18:47 UTC 2006

Jay Dolan [2006-05-31 15:16]:
> > Besides of the fact that you will get the possibility to join a corporate
> > network with centralized password management, imagine the following scenario:
> >
> > You've got a brand-new laptop. Your new laptop has the disadvantage of being a 
> > popular object of desire for pilferers. The harddisk contains most likely 
> > private data (e.g. nude pics of your girlfriend). It's a good idea to encrypt 
> > those private files. I hear you saying "Bah, no problem, I don't need PAM for 
> > this". Okay; you would probably create some container files in your home 
> > directory and mount them if needed. Now let's imagine the thief is a smart 
> > one and he's looking for tracks in your home directory 
> > (.bash_history, .kde/*, .gnome/*, thumbails/*  ..). 
> > With PAM (pam_mount) it's possible to mount encrypted filesystems during the 
> > logon session. That means you could encrypt your whole home directory and 
> > mount it automaticlly during login. After you've logged out, PAM will unmount 
> > it for you.
> >   
> Wtf?  Again, sorry, how does this even relate to, nevermind help, the 
> majority of CRUX users?  No offense intended..I'm just.. wow (?)

Are you saying the majority of CRUX users doesn't have a need for easy
encryption of their data? No offense intended, but wtf? ;)


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