[crux-devel] Resigning

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Wed Dec 17 21:31:52 UTC 2008


As you surely noticed I've been quite inactive during the last
months, or worse, years. Actually the last version I actively
helped to ship was 2.2, and my efforts gradually diminished
as we approached 2.3.

It took me a while to realize things are not going to change.
I wish I could say that it's just lack of time, but fact is
that I'm simply loosing interest in certain aspects of tinkering
with 1s and 0s and focusing on others.
That's why I'm stepping down as a maintainer.

Thanks everybody, current and past contributors, I cannot find
enough words to describe how much this experience has been fun
and stimulating.

On a more practical note, feel free to contact me about the
crux.nu setup and all the other things I pretended to be the
maintainer of ;-)

Best regards and good luck,

P.S. as my last contribution I single-handedly fixed the following
show-stopper for the 2.5 release:


Simone Rota
Bergamo, Italy - http://www.varlock.com

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