[crux-devel] My status

Simon Gloßner viper at hometux.de
Fri Dec 19 16:04:54 UTC 2008


maybe you've already noticed that I have been quite inactive these days. The 
problem is that I don't have much time and, in addition, I don't have access 
to a linux pc at the place where I am studying. I am only using CRUX at home 
at my desktop pc at the moment.

I don't want to retire from the project, as it's possible that my situation 
will change in the future. At the weekends and at semester breaks I will try 
to keep my ports up to date and work at the portdb. But if there are any 
important updates (e.g. security related), please update them for me. And 
perhaps somebody is interested in adopting some of my ports.


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