[crux-devel] Resigning

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at crux.nu
Fri Dec 19 22:09:57 UTC 2008

Simone Rota [2008-12-17 22:31]:

Hi Simone,

> As you surely noticed I've been quite inactive during the last
> months, or worse, years. Actually the last version I actively
> helped to ship was 2.2, and my efforts gradually diminished
> as we approached 2.3.
> It took me a while to realize things are not going to change.
> I wish I could say that it's just lack of time, but fact is
> that I'm simply loosing interest in certain aspects of tinkering
> with 1s and 0s and focusing on others.

So we'll see a new Slim soon? Great ;D

> That's why I'm stepping down as a maintainer.
> Thanks everybody, current and past contributors, I cannot find
> enough words to describe how much this experience has been fun
> and stimulating.

Thanks for helping out with CLC/CRUX all those years :)

> On a more practical note, feel free to contact me about the
> crux.nu setup and all the other things I pretended to be the
> maintainer of ;-)

Hehe, I surely will ask about crux.nu :D


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