[crux-devel] CRUX 2.5: usbdisk images

Jose V Beneyto sepen at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Nov 8 00:42:00 UTC 2008


I uploaded some images for booting 2.5 from usbdisk.

If you are interested and want to test it, you will need a usb boot 
capable bios and a usbdisk greater than 260MB.
Then use 'dd' to create the installation media on the usb stick:
$ sudo dd if=crux-2.5-test3.usbdisk.img og=/dev/XXX (where XXX is your 
usbdisk device)

* you shouldn't use a normal partition with the stick, just use 'sda', 
'sdb', etc. instead of 'sda1', ...

I made a 'make_usbdisk' script for easily generate these images from the 
iso images, but I'm still __working on it__. So maybe some stuff like 
'net-setup' could not work without arguments. Then all you need is to 
specify an alternate value for the  'crux_dir' variable ('/cdrom/crux' 
as default).You can also make a symlink to '/usbdisk' in order to have 
the '/cdrom' directory necessary for the fake cdrom environment.

I'll glad to see your opinions and results.

Best regards,
    Jose V Beneyto

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