[crux-devel] Notes about test3

Ricardo Oliveira crux at roliveira.eu
Wed Nov 19 12:54:00 UTC 2008

> is the mkfs.ext3 process this slow on your normal crux-install with
> e2fsprogs 1.41.3 (i assume this is the version on the iso)? Or is this
> issue limited just to the iso? What kind of ata/scsi-controller are you
> using?
> /Fredrik Rinnestam

Hello Fredrik,

Yes, e2fsprogs 1.41.3 is also slow with the installed system.
About the controller, I don`t see how it might be important for the
problem. The issue is a difference in performance from 1.40.2 to 1.41.3
both on my laptop and on my desktop.

No one else has this "problem"?


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