[crux-devel] Meeting notes 2008-11-25

Juergen Daubert jue at jue.li
Wed Nov 26 11:51:39 UTC 2008


a quick summary of our IRC meeting from yesterday:

1. glibc 2.9 for CRUX 2.5
   have done some test with mixed results. All core ports compile 
   fine, but at least one program (mc) is partly broken with 2.9. 
   Because we do not want a delay in the release process of 2.5 we 
   decided to stick with 2.8. 

2. hotplug-capable xorg-server
   is easy to build, just compile xorg-server after installing dbus
   and hal with deps. To use the feature both daemons must run at
   start-up of X, which means that a entry in SERVICES should be
   added as a default. That again would require that dbus and hal 
   become core ports, which we don't want.
   We change nothing, but Tilman will add a wiki page how to build
   the xorg-server with hotplug capabilities.

3. Matt volunteers to build a 2.5 release candidate as soon as
   possible, if we do not run in bigger problems with that, the
   final should be possible within 2 weeks.

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