[crux-devel] Proposed git->rsync script updates

Jose V Beneyto sepen at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Oct 7 11:20:01 UTC 2008

> Since we'd switch from "crux-2.4/core" style directories to "core/2.4"
> or something, we'd have to adjust our *.rsync files. Also we'd need to
> keep the old rsync area alive for users who are still running old CRUX
> systems.
> [...]
> Disadvantages: o We'd have to adjust the *.rsync files. Would be doable
>                  with the CRUX release (2.5)
well, I think that could be also possible with a new core/ports package,
which is the owner of the official *.rsync files
I can't see more disadvantages
> Opinions? Should we do that switch? I've already written the necessary
> shell code, it just needs to be put in some separate function that can
> be sourced from the various hooks.
I didn't know how git-rsync works on our repos before, so I think having
something like:

is really better than the old one:
    /2.4/{core,opt, ..., xfce,..}

IMHO it sounds a reasonable way to do it

Best regards,
    Jose V Beneyto

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