[crux-devel] [RFC] new portdb

Lucas Hazel lucas at die.net.au
Wed Oct 8 10:23:32 UTC 2008

So it appears I've been handed the "portdb maintainer" hat.

My first duty in this roll was to add a few repos to the portdb cacher.
But alas the pdbcacher seems to have locked up and I don't have the
privileges to kill the process.

So rather than find out what's wrong with it, I've decided to write a
new one (sans PHP) with a focus on me having to do as little data
entry as possible.

A few features I have in mind are,

* Allow users to add repositories by themselves.
* Allow users to create custom collections from other repositories.
* Partial and full caching of repositories.
* Make more information available, such as processing footprints,
  md5sums, meta data and verification results.
* XML output, RSS feeds, email alerts, etc.
* ???
* Profit

Does anyone else have any nifty ideas for what could go into a new

Lucas Hazel <lucas at amacdigital.com.au>

AMAC Digital Products
209 Beardy Street, Armidale NSW
[phone: +61267711287]

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