[crux-devel] [RFC] new portdb

Jose V Beneyto sepen at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Oct 8 17:34:20 UTC 2008


First off all thanks a lot Lucas, I'm glad with your work.
>>> * Allow users to create custom collections from other repositories.
>> Not sure if that should be part of crux.nu's portdb. I can see that
>> users create meta repositories, but I'm not sure if we should host
>> them. Or is this mean to be a private custom collection, or just a
>> special ports configuration file for a yet-to-be written ports(8)
>> driver that can merge repositories?
> This idea was sort of inspired with the pull action I implemented in my
> command line interface[1][2] to my current implementation of the
> portdb[3].
> Yes, this could theoretically be a future ports driver (and is planned).
> The advantage here is that users could have a single ports repo on their
> local system containing only the ports they use.
I write something similar some time ago and I'm using it ATM.
I think it would be useful to take ideas:

Best regards,
    Jose V Beneyto
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