[crux-devel] ANN: CRUX 2.5-test2

Clemens Koller clemens.ml at gmx.net
Sat Oct 25 16:14:13 UTC 2008

Hello, Juergen!

Juergen Daubert schrieb:
> we are happy to announce that a test-release of CRUX 2.5 is 
> available now [1]. Please give it a good test and report any 
> problem. 
> Remember, the glibc port does not build locales, see [2] how 
> to generate them.  

Thanks for your work!
CRUX-2.5-test2 seems to work here... even after doing strange
thiongs like this:

I am looking for a way to install CRUX from an already
booted foreign linux system without the necessity to boot
from the CRUX CD.

Sometimes I cannot access the console (hosted machine), there
is no CDROM-drive (netbook) and no quick way to boot from
a CRUX USB without building one manually.

Currently, I mount the .iso, unsquashfs crux.squashfs, copy /cdrom/crux
to the unpacked squashfs, chroot into it and run setup from there.
Well, everything seems to work fine... the only thing which I need
to install manually is unsquashfs from squashfs-tools.

1) Does it make sense to include unsquashfs with the CRUX CD?

2) Is there a simpler way to achieve above installation
method aside of building my own un-iso/squashfsed CRUX?



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