[crux-devel] perl and python footprint mismatch errors

Juergen Daubert jue at jue.li
Tue Oct 28 07:44:29 UTC 2008

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 07:10:26PM +0100, Jose V Beneyto wrote:
> Hi

Hello Jose,

> I experienced something weird and seems nobody reported it (or I didn't  
> hear of it).
> Well, there are some ports dependent on 'python' and 'perl', which have  
> errors after merging into opt/2.5.
> For the 2.5 release, perl has changed from 5.8.8 to 5.10.0, and python  
> from 2.5 to 2.6, and (for what I know ) this version number is hardcoded  
> in footprints[1] (also in some dependent ports). So, some maintainers  
> should pay attention before merge their commits into the 2.5 branch.
> Some affected ports and their maintainers: (opt)


Thanks for the report, I'm pretty sure the maintainers will look at
their ports soon. This has to be done for every major new release of
perl, python and ruby, to name only the interpreters that came to my
Basically it's the same with libraries, like e.g. db or mysql-client,
at least the depending ports have to be rebuild.


> [1]  I would to propose you a pkgmk hack similar to that we have for  
> kernel modules ports, all we need is the current installed version for  
> perl and python.

Well, the situation with kernel modules is quite different:

- We do not provide a kernel port, thus its out of maintainers'
  control which kernel version the user is using.
- As a consequence he cannot garantee that the module works with
  every kernel version!
- The module must precise fit the kernel version, not easy nowadays
  where we have a new kernel version very often.

So the hack for kernel modules seems to be appropriate and necessary, 
but shouldn't be applied to other stuff, IMHO.

Thanks and best regards

Juergen Daubert  |  mailto:jue at jue.li  
Korb, Germany    |  http://jue.li/crux

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