[crux-devel] ANN: CRUX 2.5-test2

Juergen Daubert jue at jue.li
Tue Oct 28 07:59:53 UTC 2008

On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 06:14:13PM +0200, Clemens Koller wrote:
> Hello, Juergen!

Hello Clemens,

> Juergen Daubert schrieb:
>> we are happy to announce that a test-release of CRUX 2.5 is available 
>> now [1]. Please give it a good test and report any problem. Remember, 
>> the glibc port does not build locales, see [2] how to generate them.  
> Thanks for your work!

Thanks for testing!

> CRUX-2.5-test2 seems to work here... even after doing strange
> thiongs like this:
> I am looking for a way to install CRUX from an already
> booted foreign linux system without the necessity to boot
> from the CRUX CD.
> Sometimes I cannot access the console (hosted machine), there
> is no CDROM-drive (netbook) and no quick way to boot from
> a CRUX USB without building one manually.
> Currently, I mount the .iso, unsquashfs crux.squashfs, copy /cdrom/crux
> to the unpacked squashfs, chroot into it and run setup from there.
> Well, everything seems to work fine... the only thing which I need
> to install manually is unsquashfs from squashfs-tools.
> 1) Does it make sense to include unsquashfs with the CRUX CD?

Hmm, not sure what you mean. A squashfs package on the iso or the 
unsquashfs as part of the binaries available after booting the iso? 
In both cases it dosn't solve your problem IMO, because you either 
need unsuashfs to access the iso, or a running crux system to install 
the package. Or do I miss something?

> 2) Is there a simpler way to achieve above installation
> method aside of building my own un-iso/squashfsed CRUX?

Good question, but don't think so. Would you mind writing a short
guide in our wiki, please?


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