[crux-devel] [RFC] gl-select modification

Jose V Beneyto sepen at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Oct 31 23:45:43 UTC 2008

Hi all,

After trying to update the last catalyst (ati propietary driver),  I 
need to patch gl-select, one more time (now for libdri.so, which is 
introduced as new), to avoid overwrite  some xorg and mesa3d stuff 
(mesa3d/libGL.so, xorg/libglx.so, xorg/libdri.so, ...)
I was wondering about differences between nvidia and ati ports, and I 
made some modifications to gl-select [1] in order to unify them much 
more. Also, I added a new 'status' switch to check which gl stuff are 
you using.

I try to describe this scenario:

    * ati:
       each conflicting file (with xorg* or mesa3d) should be renamed 
like:  'libGL_so_1_2_ati'
    * nvidia:
       .$version files should have a link like: libGL_so_1_2_nvidia -> 
    * gl-select:
       should manage '*_nvidia' and '*_ati' files (provided by ports)
       NVER no longer will be needed

    * status:
       return the current status by checking where is pointing the symlink
    * use foo:
       foreach libdri, libglx, libGL, ... do xorg backups and symlink to 
'*_foo' files
    * use xorg:
       restore backup'ed files

I'm maintaining contrib/ati on this way, and  I think nvidia's ports 
should need a few changes only, just add some symlinks and provide 
'*_nvidia' files. I've a modification for nvidia-legacy-96xx [2] to take 
as example.
Also, ATM I'm running ati 8-10 [3] and using this new gl-select [1] 
really fine.

I'll glad to know your opinions.

    Jose V Beneyto

[1] http://mikeux.dyndns.org/crux/files/gl-select/gl-select
[2] http://mikeux.dyndns.org/crux/files/nvidia.diff-new_gl-select
[3] http://mikeux.dyndns.org/crux/files/ati.diff-xorg740_catalyst8-10

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