[crux-devel] [RFC] use GNU inetutils for core-ports inetd, netkit-ftp, netkit-telnet

Juergen Daubert jue at jue.li
Wed Sep 10 08:23:26 UTC 2008

On Tue, Sep 09, 2008 at 10:02:38PM +0000, Simone Rota wrote:
> On 09/09/08 09:50 Juergen Daubert wrote:
> > Hello,
> Ahoy,
> I thin it's fine to switch as long as the replacement tools
> work as good as the netkit counterpart.

As far as I can see, yes. I've prepared a port [1], so
further testing can be done.

best regards

[1] httpup sync http://jue.li/crux/ports/#inetutils inetutils

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