[crux-devel] CRUX 2.6 Testiso with dm-crypt support

Thomas Penteker tek at serverop.de
Wed Aug 5 22:05:41 UTC 2009

* Juergen Daubert (jue at jue.li) wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 12:43:15AM +0200, Thomas Penteker wrote:
> (...)
> First thanks for you work, but again you are very late with it,
> because we released an official 2.6-test1 already. Adding new 
> features after that is something we should avoid.
You are right, of course. My current working situation did not permit me to
get this done earlier.

> Cryptsetup and dependencies should be added to packages.opt if we 
> need them as packages on the ISO.
> Adding opt/popt to the ISO might create hidden problems, because
> other (core)ports will link against popt if installed. Currently
> our ISO bootstrap process can not prevent that, so we have to 
> carefully check all packages after the bootstrap. 
That's true. Let me know if I can help out.

> I guess your final idea is to have a versioned tarball somewhere for
> download and not to provide the two binaries within the port?
It'd save the user from going through (some) hassle, see below.

> Do we really need a binary port at all? It should be possible to 
> create cryptsetup-static in opt/cryptsetup? Is the busybox binary 
> in any kind special for cryptsetup or can we use a new busybox port 
> for that purpose?

It's not that easy to build it statically linked; libdevmapper needs to be
linked statically for this, too, that's why I provided cryptsetup as a binary.
> TBH I'm not convinced yet. I'd like to see a more general way/recipe 
> for CRUX to switch to an initrd based startup as an alternative. 
> This might be necessary for other things as well, e.g. I've heard that 
> the kernel md-autodetect feature will be removed sometimes so you have 
> to configure your raid with mdadmin at boot-time.

The initrd-generating process is straight forward. Coming up with a script
to automate this should be quite easy, e.g.:

  gen-initrd mdadm cryptsetup

would include the mdadmin binary (with the needed calls to it taken from
/etc/initrd/mdadm.conf or similar) + the cryptsetup binary with the necessary
calls. The details for the different modules could be included

a) in the script

b) in a directory /etc/ge-initrd/$MODULE

possibility a) is not as flexible as b) but easier to implement.

But I do see a certain complexity in b) because one would have to include
some information about the order in which the commands would have to be
executed (just like udev does).

ps: what about the suggested check for /etc/.dev_populated in /sbin/start_udev?

kind regards, Thomas Penteker
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