[crux-devel] How to speed up CRUX maintenance?

Lucas Hazel lucas at die.net.au
Fri Dec 11 02:46:34 UTC 2009

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 11:39:03PM +0100, Richard Pöttler wrote:
> Am 10.12.2009 21:25, schrieb Clemens Koller:
> >What about adding something like prt-get --push <portname>
> >that a newly created / updated port will be published
> >to some mailing list for review and inclusion into i.e. contrib?
> You think about something like git-format-patch and git-send-email? ;)
> >I take care of my own (maybe five to ten) ports which get an update every
> >once in a while. I think adding my repo to the already 50 others
> >doesn't make sense since I don't see any advantage to have even more
> >repos and
> >more different versions to choose from (not knowing versions without
> >checking
> >it manually).
> >
> >I think it would be much better to centralise the repositories to get
> >opt and contrib more up-to-date instead of everybody is doing his/her own
> >thing. What do you think?
> Somehow I don't get, how you came to the conclusion, that you want
> to centralize all ports, but don't think, that it is worth to
> publish your own ports.
> Imho it is pretty simple to become a conrtib maintainer to make your
> ports available for everyone.
> The problem I see in putting everything in contrib is that
> _everyone_ then puts his port into it and therefore (if someone puts
> a port there and forgets about them) ports can get unmaintained
> pretty soon. You could work arround this, if you say, that everyone
> is "allowed" to update everyone's port in conrtib. But as a
> developer I know, that you can pretty easyly offend other
> developers, if you touch their code, so this could be some kind of
> contraproductive.

I agree, we have the bug tracker and maintainers email addresses are
available. The problem exists with people preferring to roll their own
ports rather than file a bug or contact the maintainer directly; and
this isn't necesarilly a bad thing either. The more people that add
personal repos to the portdb, the better. It increases the chances of
finding a port that you want, even if you have to modify it to suit
your purposes (or even get it to work).

As a side note, I am designing a new portdb web app that should make
collaboration easier between users. But this is a long way of from
being complete.

Lucas Hazel <lucas at die.net.au>
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