[crux-devel] How to speed up CRUX maintenance?

Richard Pöttler richard.poettler at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 08:42:12 UTC 2009

Am 11.12.2009 04:36, schrieb Clemens Koller:
> Richard Pöttler schrieb:
>> Am 10.12.2009 21:25, schrieb Clemens Koller:
>>> What about adding something like prt-get --push <portname>
>>> that a newly created / updated port will be published
>>> to some mailing list for review and inclusion into i.e. contrib?
>> You think about something like git-format-patch and git-send-email? ;)
> Yes, for example. It seems like a very good idea to use git. But how
> many users are using git and push their changes nowadays?

Pushing the changes (or making them available) via git-send-email is 
only necessary for people who don't have write access to the repository.

 > Why isn't this part of the default setup?

Because simply the fact, that you are using CRUX doesn't imply, that you 
are a developer. ;)

>>> I take care of my own (maybe five to ten) ports which get an update
>>> every
>>> once in a while. I think adding my repo to the already 50 others
>>> doesn't make sense since I don't see any advantage to have even more
>>> repos and
>>> more different versions to choose from (not knowing versions without
>>> checking
>>> it manually).
>>> I think it would be much better to centralise the repositories to get
>>> opt and contrib more up-to-date instead of everybody is doing his/her
>>> own
>>> thing. What do you think?
>> Somehow I don't get, how you came to the conclusion, that you want to
>> centralize all ports, but don't think, that it is worth to publish
>> your own ports.
> I think that a problem is that (duplicated) ports are scattered among many
> repos and it's hard to find out which one is the most current and which one
> is most likely to work for a quick and dirty update - increasing the
> version
> number, adjusting the Pkgfile a bit, check footprint and ... ?

For small changes I used "prt-get edit" (for example for the cvs port), 
but unfortunatelly the changes aren't available, if you switch the 
version number, or the maintainer updates it.

>> Imho it is pretty simple to become a conrtib maintainer to make your
>> ports available for everyone.
> If it's so simple, can it become a default for everyone?

For me it is important, that someone who has no clue about crux or linux 
is able to mess with contrib, so that I somehow can trust this 
collection. To become a crontib member, at least a view people got to 
know you, and believe, that you would do a good job.

> A simple way to push changes to i.e. contrib (via a list and via review by
> some list members) would imo motivate more people to contribute.

I think, the problem here is, that imho noone ever tried the 
git-send-email way.

>> The problem I see in putting everything in contrib is that _everyone_
>> then puts his port into it and therefore (if someone puts a port there
>> and forgets about them) ports can get unmaintained pretty soon. You
>> could work arround this, if you say, that everyone is "allowed" to
>> update everyone's port in conrtib. But as a developer I know, that you
>> can pretty easyly offend other developers, if you touch their code, so
>> this could be some kind of contraproductive.
> There need be an instance to review these changes - a list.
> A clearly visible version and timestamp could make it very clear which
> port is old an could benefit from an update.
> Example: I need to update qt4 because I want to find out if the newest
> qtcreator can be used for sw development for a project.
> That is: qt-4.6.0 and qtcreator-1.3.0
> What do you do? Search the portdb for 'qt'...
> You will get some hits: 3x qt4, qt-creator and qtcreator
> from different collections. (Some work was done more than once.)
> Now, you need to find and decide which qt thing is good for you.
> Here, the mess starts:
> You cannot check all the Pkgfiles in one place. -> :-(
> You have to check the Pkgfiles manually to find out which
> version can be preferrably used for an update. -> :-(
> You have to clone the whole collection if it's using
> rsync just to be able to find out the version of one port... -> :-(
> Something like timestamps don't really exist.

If I didn't know, which collection to take (if the port isn't already in 
contrib) I took one from one of the developers. But like Victor pointed 
out: Maybe there is a reason for all this dublicates?
If you are only interressted in one port of a collection you could try 
out mult [1].

> I hope you got what I try to suggest you.

I hope I get you.


[1] http://crux.nu/Wiki/Mult

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