[crux-devel] How to speed up CRUX maintenance?

Victor Martinez pitillo at ono.com
Thu Dec 17 07:45:33 UTC 2009

Clemens Koller wrote:
> Hello, Victor & Co.
Hello Clemens,
> Victor Martinez schrieb:
>>> In my point of view, something is missing in the default CRUX way: 
>>> Feedback to
>>> one _central_ place.
>> I think the point is to get feedback, doesn't really matter if it's 
>> centrilzed or not. There are lot of ways to talk with maintainers, 
>> email adresses, irc and of course the bugtracker.
> You are right... it doesn't need to be one place essentially. However, I
> think it wouldn't harm to get posted to a list instead of one maintainer
> to be able to get wider review.
In my opinion I think the list can be the bugtracker. i think there are 
lot of ways but they aren't full used. give another way it's give more 
possibilities, but the point like I i said in the other mail (or at 
least i see in that way) is the lack of communication between users and 
maintainers, developers, ...)
> But giving feedback could be much more simple as it is currently.
> If you want to file a bug or update a port, you have to manually
> look up the email-address of the maintainer, open some mailer, type some
> email, or login to flyspray or open up irc.
> Well, I don't even have mail configured on some fileservers...
if you want to send a mail to the maintainer, you must check the email 
adress, and send a mail (wich can be sent directly from the console, 
there isn't needed much things to setup). If doing that is hard, it can 
be done with a flyspray account (I see hard to don't have the 
possibility of using a console mail or a web client, which will avoid 
you the need of checking the mail address, but you will need to know who 
is the maintainer to fill the bug and let flyspray advice him)
> Why do we need to do so much typing when all necessary information is
> already in the Pkgfile?
really is so much typing? I think that isn't really a problem, the 
solution you talk about can be more confortable (but for me, not much 
more than using flispray, but this is my opinion only)
> prt-get --send-update <portname>
> could send an updated Pkgfile to the maintainer (or to the list for 
> public review).
> There is no intention to take away any responsibility of the maintainers,
> it should just give a hint that an update might be possible - and here 
> is the/a
> solution.
think that flyspray will do it for you, you can attach files, comments 
or whatever you want.
> Git is a great feature for development, but cloning, fetching some 
> branch,
> committing, pushing is still too much hand-typing, non-KISS and not 
> suitable
> for non-git users.
I wasn't a git user since I joined contrib. Isn't so hard to use it (at 
least the basics... atm I think I didn't broke anything) and with the 
comunity near, help is near too, there is good people with lot of 
knowledge around crux and always give their hands to help others)
>>> You cannot check all the Pkgfiles in one place. -> :-(
>>> You have to check the Pkgfiles manually to find out which
>>> version can be preferrably used for an update. -> :-(
>>> You have to clone the whole collection if it's using
>>> rsync just to be able to find out the version of one port... -> :-(
>> You can get the port when using rsync, there is a command in the 
>> portdb to get only the port instead of getting the entire collection.
> mpup sounds very interesting and will at least reduce the mess with
> conflicting names in repos in an easy way.
> A wish:
> $ prt-get depinst mpup
> without much browsing, fetching sepen.rsync, pull at all...
> Yes, I might be a lazy typer, but I also have to get other work finished.
> Regards,
> Clemens
Regards, Victor.

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