[crux-devel] pkgutils patches

Ciprian Dorin, Craciun ciprian.craciun at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 19:33:23 UTC 2009

   Hello all!

   (I'll be short as I'm in a hurry.)

   I've made some (minor) modifications to pkgutils, which are
available from my Git repository (given below), so if you're
interested, please merge them in. (Even if not I would appreciate some
comments. :) )

   I've done all these, because I want to use you package manager
along side with apt-get (on Debian) for my own (hand-built) packages,
and also in a non-standard location (like /packages for example).

   The patches contain some minor updates to the Makefile or the code:
   * added a SHARED variable, that when set on "yes" disables the
"-static" compilation flag; (static compilation breaks on my Debian,
and I've not investigated why;)
   * added a VARDIR variable, that allows to customize the
/var/lib/pkg folder location; (both to the Makefile, C++ source code,
Bash scripts and manual files;)
   * pushed the ETCDIR, BINDIR and MANDIR (although the last two are
not needed) inside the C++ files to allow customization of these paths
also; (there are still left LDCONFIG, etc.)
   * added a PREFIX variable (for example /usr/local); but by default
is not set, and the old behavior is kept;

   I'm planning also to patch the applications to allow usage without
root privileges.

   Thank's for the good job! Keep it up!
   Ciprian Craciun.

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