[crux-devel] prt-get installation issue

Johannes Winkelmann jw at smts.ch
Fri Jul 10 08:44:42 UTC 2009

Hi Ciprian,

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 00:05:40 +0300, Ciprian Dorin, Craciun wrote:
>     Hello all!
>     I've tried to install prt-get into a non-standard location (like
> /packages/prt-get). For this I've used ./configure
> --prefix=/packages/prt-get. Unfortunately make doesn't take these into
> account.. This is strange... Any ideas?

Strange indeed, as it's taken into account here: binaries and man pages
are put into the 'prefix' location here. Could you post a log file of the

prt-get.conf is always going to /etc, no matter what you use as
prefix... there was a good reason to force it that way, which I
unfortunately don't remember. If you want /etc and /var to be prefix
relative, comment out lines 33 and 34 in configure.in. Yet, this only
affects files below /etc and /var and should not cause make(1) to
completely ignore "--prefix".

HTH, Johannes
Johannes Winkelmann              mailto:jw at smts.ch
Zurich, Switzerland              http://jw.smts.ch

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