[crux-devel] Ship core fonts on the 2.6 iso?

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at crux.nu
Mon May 11 17:22:28 UTC 2009

Clemens Koller [2009-05-11 01:04]:
> Tilman Sauerbeck schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> Juergen and me have begun some preparations for the 2.6 release
>> (there's a todo list in the wiki at http://crux.nu/Wiki/TODO26).
>> For our xorg ports, I've removed a couple of ancient modules that aren't
>> in use anymore. I'm also considering shipping xorg without any core font
>> packages (ie, drop the following packages from the iso:
>> xorg-font-adobe-100dpi xorg-font-adobe-75dpi xorg-font-alias
>> xorg-font-bh-100dpi xorg-font-bh-75dpi xorg-font-bitstream-100dpi  
>> xorg-font-bitstream-75dpi xorg-font-bitstream-vera  
>> xorg-font-cursor-misc xorg-font-misc-misc 
>> A 'fixed' font and cursor fonts are built into libXfont these days, so
>> -cursor-misc and -misc-misc can safely be removed. IMO shipping
>> bitstream-vera suffices for the iso -- if users wish to use core fonts
>> like -bitstream-100dpi they can install those from ports.
>> Objections?
> In my opinion:
> Remove them and go with a - out of the box - working xorg configuration.

I believe we don't need to ship any xorg configuration -- X works just
fine these days if you start the X server without any xorg.conf.


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