[crux-devel] nfs-utils, new dependency libcap

acrux acrux_it at libero.it
Wed Feb 24 15:33:13 UTC 2010

On Wed, 24 Feb 2010 11:28:56 +0100
Juergen Daubert <jue at jue.li> wrote:

> Hi all,
> as of version 1.2.2 core/nfs-utils depends on opt/libcap, I've 
> overseen this new dependency and committed the update, sorry for 
> that. This issue has been reported [1], the corresponding commit 
> to nfs-utils is here [2].
> We have at least three options now:
> a) downgrade nfs-utils to 1.2.1
> b) move libcap and libattr from opt to core
> c) move nfs-utils from core to opt
> I tend towards b) because the new version comes with a lot of
> fixes and improvements [3] and most users might have libcap 
> installed anyway, it's part of our ISO and cdrkit depends on it.
> Opinions?

in my humble opinion, i'm for option (c). It's the simplest way to solve this problem.
nfs-utils are usefull only in particular scenarios anyway it must remain available into installation ISO.

thanks for your hard work,
acrux <acrux_it at libero.it>

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